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Hello everyone, and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m Yukiki, a dreamer, artist, and aspiring digital witch. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with fantasy worlds and the magic they hold. I loved imagining stories where I could escape. Each night was a portal to extraordinary adventures, where everything was possible, limited only by the boundless creativity of my mind. However, somewhere along the way, I got lost in my dream world, forgetting to live my real life.

It’s time to change !

But that all changes now! I’m on a quest to turn those dreams into reality, and I’d love for you to join me on this fantastical journey. This blog is my magical laboratory, a space where I’ll be experimenting with different ways to bring fiction into reality. But how will I gain this superpower?

By mixing art and new technology!

Using Art to make magic

Art is like the magic wand that brings our wildest dreams to life. Think about it:

  • First, there's writing. The words on the page have the power to leap from our thoughts into the real world. Sharing those stories with others is like passing on a spell; it's not just ours anymore, it belongs to everyone who reads it.
  • Then, we can add images and let everyone see clearly what's in our heads.
  • But you wanna know the real spellbinding stuff? videos ! With animation and VFX, we're not just imagining stories or watching pictures anymore, we're living them! We can give life to 2D and 3D characters, or mix real shots with digital wizardry, and boom! We've got ourselves a slice of magic right here in the real world.

And with the evolution of new technology, the line between what’s real and what’s not is getting blurrier by the day, leaving us wondering where the illusion ends and the truth begins.

Easier and quicker Artwork

But you know what’s even more mind-blowing? How much easier and quicker it’s become to make art!

I mean, can you believe the fact that we can generate a brand-new illustration in just one minute by typing a few words? Or that we can build a 3D character without needing an ounce of 3D skills, just by hitting a button? It’s become as easy as customizing an avatar in a video game! But it’s much cooler because we can bring them to life with body tracking or a simple webcam. With VR and AR, we can even immerse ourselves in fantasy worlds, blurring the lines between fiction and reality in ways we never imagined . If it’s not magic, I don’t know what this is .

Art world got a turbo boost

AI opens up a door on a whole new world full of possibilities . It’s like the art world just got a turbo boost ! The time needed to learn and master complex art skills is cut in half, or even more, making art accessible to everyone. No more excuses, right? And guess what? We’re just scratching the surface! It’s evolving so fast; every day, I discover new tools and techniques to boost our creativity and art process even more.

Why this blog

That’s why I’ve created this blog !

  • Shared my artistic journey

    First off, it's a place for me to share my artistic journey and all the cool tools I'll discover along the way.Writing this blog will actually help me realize one of my dreams – becoming a writer.

  • Inspire people

    And who knows? Maybe my stories can inspire others like me who've always wanted to be artists but felt held back by a lack of talent or the overwhelming amount of time it takes to create something really good.

  • Learn with me & discover cool tools

    And hey, the best part is, you can learn right alongside me! We'll explore new art skills and techniques together through easy-to-follow tutorials. Plus, we'll uncover some cool tools to make art quicker and simpler.

  • Follow latest news in art & tech

    Oh, and let's not forget about staying in the loop with all the latest news in art and technology.

So, are you ready for an extraordinary journey filled with magic, dreams, learning, and creativity ?

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