Apple’s Crushing Ad Campaign

Oops , The iPad Pro Ad was a Fiasco

Hey, did you hear about Apple’s latest Let Loose event? They dropped some new iPad models. But it wasn’t the devices themselves that stole the show. Nope, it was this ad for the iPad Pro that’s got everyone talking.

So, picture this: the ad starts off with a hydraulic press squishing stuff like a trumpet, an arcade game, even sculptures. And then, bam, it reveals the iPad Pro like it’s the ultimate replacement for all these things.

But here’s the thing – people didn’t like it. For them, this ad basically says that the iPad Pro could replace all forms of human creativity. It made people so upset they rushed to social media to voice their outrage.

Following the backlash, Apple quickly apologized, saying they totally missed the mark with the ad’s message. It wasn’t about replacing creativity , it was supposed to be about celebrating it. With all that noise, they cancelled the television campaign, but you can still watch it online if you’re curious.

Here the youtube link : Apple Crush Ad

Now let’s analyse why there was a big difference between what Apple wanted to say and how people actually saw it.

But why so much hate ?

What Apple Wanted to Say:

Apple wanted to show off how they’ve brought together different creative tools into one super fancy device. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for creativity, where you can paint, play music, game, and more, all in one gadget.

Kind of like the theme of my website ;) : blending art and tech to create innovative tools that boost the creative process. But hey, these tools aren’t here to replace the magic of traditional art forms; they’re just another option. And that’s where the ad missed the mark.

Why It Failed:

Here’s the deal: Art’s all about “creating,” right? But in the ad, they’re smashing stuff up, the total opposite of art’s essence. By crushing traditional art tools, it felt like this high-tech gizmo was out to replace them or even artists themselves.

Plus, with all the buzz around AI tools like AI art and text generators, many artists already think that “creativity is dead”. They also feel threatened, like they’re being replaced by all this new tech. Maybe that’s why folks were so fired up.

So basically, by choosing the wrong pictures, Apple totally screwed up their message and said the opposite of what they wanted to say.

Lessons to learn from this fiasco

Alright, to wrap things up, let’s remember two important takeaways from this whole fiasco:

  • First off, knowing our audience is crucial. It’s like knowing what our best friend likes and dislikes before planning the best surprise party
  • And secondly, we’ve gotta be super careful with the words and pictures we choose. We want it to be just right, so nobody gets the wrong idea.

By keeping these lessons in mind, we can make sure our messages hit the mark and avoid any future Gaffes

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