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OMG, have you seen the latest version of ChatGPT, GPT-4o? It’s mind-blowing! They’ve added features that can turn any phone into a virtual assistant. I watched their videos and it’s totally caught me off guard—I had no idea AI was evolving this fast!

Remember when ChatGPT first came out? It could only handle writing stuff, like learning, troubleshooting, writing emails, books, or just chatting in messages. Then they added DALL-E 3, letting it generate pictures in a more natural, conversational way then basic prompts. But now, with audio and real-time interaction, we don’t even need to type; we can just talk, like we’re talking to a friend on phone. And that not all ! We can even use our webcam to let ChatGPT “see” things like a video call .

Let see some real examples of this new models. All the videos can be found in OpenAI website or in this tweet .

What’s ChatGPT can do now ?

Real time conversation

In the first video , that you can watch below . We see a guy speaking on the phone with her friend . They exchange greetings, and then the woman on the other end of the call starts asking about the ceiling behind him, curious about his location. He playfully challenges her to guess and flips his phone, using the camera to show his surroundings. She goes all “hmm,” pondering for a moment. Then she tells him it looks like he’s recording something, and he seems pretty happy about it.

But here’s the kicker — she’s not real; it’s ChatGPT with a voice, eyes, and even a personality. Even if I knew it was a promo for ChatGPT, I’d swear he was talking to a real woman. Her voice is totally human — no robotic vibes here. It flows naturally, no awkward pauses, just smooth, real-time conversation. And she’s got emotions too, like that thoughtful “hmm,” and later in the video, she even seemed surprised when the guy mentioned recording a video about her.

And that’s not all! She can also sing! In another video , we see her performing the “Happy Birthday” song. It’s adorable how she breaks into “blablabla” instead of finishing the lyrics, making the guy crack up. I can totally see folks using this to lift their spirits when they’re feeling down or lonely in the future.


Chatpgt helping a student with a math problem

Chatpgt helping a student with a math problem

Oh, and guess what? It’s not just for chatting; you can use it for learning too! In one video, a dad asks ChatGPT to help his son with a math problem. The dad shows the problem on camera, and ChatGPT starts asking questions to guide the kid through it. When the kid’s not sure, she explains it just like a real teacher would! Here, she has a personality perfect for education: patient, reassuring, and motivating the kid. Honestly, I wish all my teachers were like that. Since she’s a robot, she can explain countless times without getting angry and always has an encouraging word.

She can also teach new languages, like in this video where a guy shows objects and asks her how to say them in Spanish.


Chatpgt translate in real time a conversation

Chatpgt translate in real time a conversation

And speaking of Spanish, get this—she can translate conversations in real time! In one video, this guy asks ChatGPT to translate English to Spanish for what he’s going to say, and then translate his friend’s Spanish reply back to English. The translation is lightning-fast, and she even goes “hmm” like she’s thinking, making it sound like a natural conversation. Now, in this video, they’re talking kind of slow and clear, probably for the demo, so I’m not sure how it’d handle faster speakers, but still, pretty darn impressive!

I already imagine myself using it when traveling in a foreign country. So helpful and easier to break the language barrier, make new friends, or ask for directions when we’re lost.

Improve accessibility:

A blind guy using is phone to see

A blind guy using is phone to see

And you know what’s cool? ChatGPT’s assistance doesn’t stop there . In one video, a blind guy uses his smartphone as his eyes with ChatGPT’s help. She describes where he is, what’s happening around him, and even helps him grab a taxi! Imagine how cool it would be, to just use our camera and have all the information about a place, like a virtual guide ! Now to come back to the blind guy , I love how this tech help improve the life of disable people . They can even use it to transcribe and caption audio and video content in real time . That’s a game-changer for folks with hearing impairments and makes content more searchable too.

In conclusion

With all these new features in GPT-4o , ChatGPT become a virtual assistant that can handle way more tasks than ever before. And with it’s friendly, emotive personality, it really blurring the line between human and AI. It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie, except it’s real! I’m excited to see what the future holds, but also kinda nervous.

For the first time, it feels like AI is really close to replacing humans. In the videos, ChatGPT looks like this super nice friend who knows everything and can help you with anything, from learning to chatting in different languages to helping with projects or even guiding you when you’re lost. It’s amazing, but also kinda scary. I mean, a lot of jobs could be at risk because of this. Why pay someone when AI can do the same or even better, for free?

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