Deepfakes Steal the Show at the Met Gala


Hey there! You know that feeling when the Met Gala rolls around and suddenly everyone’s buzzing about who wore what? Well, this time, it wasn’t just about the celebs showing off their style - it was also about some sneaky AI deepfakes stealing the show.

What happenend

Everything starts with a post popping up online, showing Katy Perry looking drop-dead gorgeous in a Met Gala outfit. But wait, a few minutes later, another pic pops up, Katy rocking a completely different outfit, like she’s channeling her inner Xena. So what did she really wear? None of them! Turns out, she never even showed up to the event! But here’s the kicker: the fake pics still went viral, and Katy herself even gave ’em a thumbs-up with a like.

You know, some artists might get mad about people using their face or even their voice, but Katy Perry took it all in stride. It’s even a good thing for her. She didn’t even have to lift a finger for the buzz—these deepfake creators did all the work for her.

And Katy wasn’t the only one getting the deepfake treatment. Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga—none of them were at the Met Gala, but you wouldn’t know it from the fake pics flooding social media.


So, what’s the deal with all these deepfakes? Well, it’s like this: thanks to fancy AI tech, making fake pics is a piece of cake now. And when you’ve got an event as big as the Met Gala, it’s like an open invitation for fans to play dress-up with their favourite stars.


Seeing all the buzz around this even , it’s make me thinking . While these AI tricks might seem cool for art and movies, they also make you wonder about the future. I mean, if we can’t tell what’s real anymore, what’s next? It’s a bit scary, especially when you think about serious stuff like legal cases. But hey, at the end of the day, it’s up to us to use this tech for good, not mischief.

If you want to see the orginal tweets , here the links , those are where I found the pictures for the cover :

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